Simple and Sinister

I’ve been training with my 16kg kettlebell over the past fortnight, 3/4 times a week, following the simple element of the S+S protocol as a guide. Today I finally cracked 100 swings (two-handed). I gave one-handed swings a shot in my seventh and eight sets, but I began to lose technique on the sixth/seventh rep so I parked the bell for safety.

I’m really trying to get the hard-style swing dialled in – it’s pretty subtle to me how it can all go south if I don’t give each rep my full attention.

The protocol is:

10×10 swings (16kg kettlebell)

10×1 TGU (Turkish Get Up, 2kg ankle-weight – 25 years old!)

10 swings/1 TGU per set.

The warmup exercises and cool-down stretching is as prescribed. I did throw in some masochistic laundry hanging to round it all off!

The whole session took me about 20/25 minutes. Plenty of bang for the buck on time and effort.


Published by Pat McDonald

Family man, carer, student of data analytics @GMIT.

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