I’m 12 days into my meditation practice. I really felt a difference yesterday when i finished my 15 minute session. My hands felt like they had sank into my thighs and the soles of my feet were flat on the floor (I mostly sit on a chair while meditating). Today I was more distracted – a little more noise here at home, even before 6am! My mind was fairly jumpy with early morning thoughts also. I guess on some level I was anticipating rising earlier to practice, so the monkey mind revved up it’s chatter!

I took the plunge and subscribed to headspace.com for a year. I’ve made countless starts at meditating, but faltered after a while. I previously shied away from rising earlier to practice meditation. This time I feel more committed and feeling the difference in tiny ways on some days is a nice early boost.

I’ve no doubt it’s beginners luck, but that’s ok. I’ve been here before, so I know what to expect. There will be frustration, excuses and procrastination. Thats when the real work begins. Thats when the changes come.

Perk up, lean in.

Published by Pat McDonald

Family man, carer, student of data analytics @GMIT.

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