Blogging 101: Day 4.

Today I checked my progress using Headspace. I’ve logged over 1,000 minutes in meditation practice! It’s safe to say that I’ve ingrained the habit now.

I definitely feel the benefits, I’m more calm  and patient (mostly!). But the most surprising change I’ve noticed is that I’ve disciplined myself to make the time for practice.

Its works for me and it’s not for everyone. I do believe that everybody has a skill that they can skill to build into a habit and for me, this means that a person can learn just about anything – with the right method.

Here’s the numbers:

Screen Shot Headspace

What is it that you want to learn?

Published by Pat McDonald

Family man, carer, student of data analytics @GMIT.

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  1. Hi Ragini,

    Thanks for commenting! I practice for about 20 minutes each day, usually in the early morning. Over 1000 minutes later, I know that thoughts and feelings pass. No matter how uncomfortable (physically and mentally) meditation can be, it is always worth the effort. Every time.


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