Day 1: #100DaysOfCode 2019

And I’ve begun! I’m halfway through DataCamp’s Python Data Science Toolbox (Part1). I took out a 1 year subscription in January, and I’m finding the interactive exercises are good for revision and quick bursts of coding. As I progress in this 100DaysOfCode, I’ll give my Udacity Secure and Private AI Scholarship Challenge my best shot. Its a course in Deep Learning using PyTorch, Facebook’s Python Deep Learning library. Too be honest: I’m in way over my head with it right now! But, I’ve learned what’s looked impossible before.

I’ve coded for over 45 minutes today. I set a pomodoro timer for 40 mins, and found some Deep Listening (literally) to help me focus. I find music like this is great for coding.

I found this via:
Deep Listening for Deep Learning!

Published by Pat McDonald

Family man, carer, student of data analytics @GMIT.

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