Simple and Sinister

I’ve been training with my 16kg kettlebell over the past fortnight, 3/4 times a week, following the simple element of the S+S protocol as a guide. Today I finally cracked 100 swings (two-handed). I gave one-handed swings a shot in my seventh and eight sets, but I began to lose technique on the sixth/seventh rep so I parked the bell for safety.

I’m really trying to get the hard-style swing dialled in – it’s pretty subtle to me how it can all go south if I don’t give each rep my full attention.

The protocol is:

10×10 swings (16kg kettlebell)

10×1 TGU (Turkish Get Up, 2kg ankle-weight – 25 years old!)

10 swings/1 TGU per set.

The warmup exercises and cool-down stretching is as prescribed. I did throw in some masochistic laundry hanging to round it all off!

The whole session took me about 20/25 minutes. Plenty of bang for the buck on time and effort.


The weir.

Myself and the pooch had a rare few hours to ourselves this afternoon. I could have come up with any number of reasons to just hang about the house. No swell about so we took a walk “up town”. Cup of tea to go from the local shop and we walked by the river. Ended up watching fish jumping in the still water while Billy tried to find flies and birds to chase. I wonder if a Tenkara setup would be a goer here?

Colemak and blogging.

Colemak. It’s a keyboard layout that is more efficient than QWERTY, due to the decreased distances that your fingers travel whilst typing. However, I’m typing this with a QWERTY keyboard layout as Colemak is a little frustrating for me right now! I’m not fast at touch typing at present, so I reckon Colemak is worth a shot for me.

Blogging. I’m giving this a shot too. I reckon I can post some photos and even a trip report of our recent trip to Chicago. This photo was taken on The Ledge at the Sears Tower. I’m slightly off centre and theres no solid ground beneath me. Pretty accurate!