1. Hey Chris!

Here’s my selection from your support-tasks gist

To be straight up - there’s nothing legal that I wouldn’t do to get the job done, and learn at the same time!

My 5 favourite activities from this list are:

  1. Work with prospective customers to explain our service and the pricing model

  2. Respond to 50+ support requests via email or chat most days

  3. Spot trends across many cases to improve Netlify’s product and service.

  4. Debug a customer’s build using a programming language and framework that you’ve never seen before.

  5. Set up your own copy of several static site frameworks for debugging.

My 5 least favourite activities from this list are

  1. Engage multiple users at once via chat to answer their questions and troubleshoot problems.

  2. Respond to Netlify customers on Twitter.

  3. Write and maintain documentation for our software and blog posts for our website.

  4. Help manage communications during a service outage.

  5. Submit bug reports and potentially bug fixes to closed and open source projects that Netlify maintains on GitHub.